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EW Sales Team – Trial Account Page

Creating a Trial and Pilot Account

Please use the form below for creating a trial account for individual people and school or district pilots.

  • For typical individual trial accounts we are allowing up to two guides per person.
  • For school and district pilot accounts we are allowing multiple titles and grade levels for multiple number of users.

Use your judgement on the length of the trial or pilot.  All trials and pilots end at the end of the school year.

For people who want to trial the assessment resources, the length of the trial is no more than one week unless it’s a special customer.

Next Steps

We will contact you when your customer’s trial account is ready.

  • For individual accounts, your customer(s) will receive an automated email invitation with a link to access the account.  Please send an email to your customer letting them know about the invitation and please include the Email Invite instructions at this link:


  • For school or district pilots, NO invitation email is sent.  Teachers access the resources by going directly to digital.empoweringwriters.com.  If your school or district uses Google Classroom/Google Apps, please send the Google instructions at this link:


If the school or district does NOT use Google, send the Email Invite instructions from the first link.

The Hub Sign Up Form

This form is used by EW people to request trial accounts for customers
  • School/District requires a minimum of 5 users.
  • Select the Resource with Grade Level (Hold the Command Key for Multiple Selections)
  • How many users will be accessing each title?
  • If a school or district uses Google to power their email, teachers can access Cosmos with their school accounts. If you know they use another Learning Management System, enter it in "Other". (Not required for Individual Users.)