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Empowering Writers Online – Virtual Field Trips

What are Virtual Field Trips?

Virtual Field Trips are informative and engaging videos that bring the reading writing connection to life.

Designed for whole class instruction these short clips provide the necessary background information about the text along with introducing key vocabulary clearly enhancing the reading experience.

No more surfing the web, piecing together videos and images. We’ve done all the leg work!

Introduction to the Virtual Field Trips

Take a look at how the VFT’s are incorporated into Empowering Writers’ instruction.

“The Loch Ness Monster” VFT

This virtual field trip brings students on a journey to Scotland to examine the characteristics of Loch Ness, introduces a time line of sightings, and examines the result of sonar testing. This visual aid supports the content and vocabulary of the reading task.

What is Empowering Writers Online?

Empowering Writers Online is a professional development resource that provides teachers with the necessary background information and classroom content for improving student writing.

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