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Blog: March 2019

March 2019

Test Prep- Word Choice

We have taught word referents and using powerful vocabulary in our pieces, but as we started looking at some of our 7th-grade benchmark essays we noticed that not always did the vocabulary or word-referent fit with the idea. Sometimes, students were just sticking in words to make it look good but not listening if it […]

How to Catch a Leprechaun-

Day One: After reading aloud How To Catch a Leprechaun, the class brainstormed types of traps that they could set to hopefully catch a leprechaun. Next, students wrote a beginning for their story. Beginnings put the main character into the setting and give a hint about what the story will be about. Notice, in my […]

Word Referent Chart: Leprechaun

I’m sure most of you will be doing some type of writing this month using a similar topic or theme!  Be sure to stretch your students’ vocabulary by creating a word-referent chart.  This can be done as a whole group, in small groups, pairs, or even on their own!  Here are my samples that were […]

March Lessons of the Month

The March lessons are here! Are you wanting to teach EW skills with your favorite read-aloud books? Be sure to download the lesson of the month to use with your students! PS- Adapt them all to use in your class! This week,  I will be modeling the grade 2-4 lesson.  Be sure to check back […]

Test Prep- Finding the Topic

Last week, our 4th-grade students took their first writing benchmark for the STAAR test. After going through their pieces we decided that we needed to do a quick mini-lesson on prompts! We’ve taught the skills on how to write an expository essay, and our students used their best tools to write their piece on Hard […]