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Blog: February 2019

February 2019

Social Emotion Writing Lesson

Happy Heart Day Teacher Friends I just couldn’t pass up the grade 3-5 lesson of the month for February. My 6th graders had a great time, and I learned so much about my students. This is a great social-emotional writing lesson that you don’t want to miss out on!  If you haven’t downloaded the lesson […]

Presidents’ Day Fun

Yes! My students had a blast learning all about the history of our US Presidents this week. It was so exciting to see them immersed in the research and sharing all of the information they were learning with their friends close by. I literally had to do nothing to get my class started each day! […]

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Taking it a step further… Black History Month Lessons

I found this great download on TPT!  The articles were perfect for my 6th-grade students.  We annotated the expository piece as a class and wrote a summarizing paragraph about what they expect to learn in the article on Martin Luther King Jr.  Then, students took notes on the templates provided.  Great practice on notetaking skills!  […]

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Show Not Tell – Feelings

Feelings   Often our students have a hard time describing how they are feeling while in the process of writing a story.  Now, for my students in 6th grade, not only do they have to write what feelings look like, but are expected to inference how the characters are feeling in a narrative story or […]

Grade 4 samples

Results! Expository Research Essay Final Writing Samples

Research Paper Results WOW!  I cannot say enough about how proud I am of all of the writing samples I got to read today!  Here are some of the lessons that my teacher friends built after following along with my 7-Day Process Piece.  Each one is a little different so that the teachers could connect […]

Elaborative Detail and feelings

Elaborative Detail and Feelings

Elaborative Detail and Feelings! February Lessons of the Month This month we focus on elaborative detail and feelings!  I can’t wait to take you into the classrooms at my school and let you see how these lessons are being used.  Each week I will be showcasing one of the lessons of the month.  And don’t […]