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Everyday Writing Practice

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Show Not Tell – Feelings

Feelings   Often our students have a hard time describing how they are feeling while in the process of writing a story.  Now, for my students in 6th grade, not only do they have to write what feelings look like, but are expected to inference how the characters are feeling in a narrative story or […]

Martin Luther King/Black History Month- Vocabulary Lesson

Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Vocabulary… As I look through scored state writing tests, students who had a variety of vocabulary and word choice scored at a much higher level than those students who were using more mundane and repeated language.  Here is a great tool for your students to use in their writing pieces.  It is quick and easy […]

Are You Teaching Genre Every Day??

Here is a great way this kindergarten teacher is having book discussions with her students and teaching genre EVERY DAY! Make a copy of the book cover, laminate, and paper clip it to the outside of your read aloud. Then after reading and discussing the salient skills of the genre, students sort it into an […]