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Presidents’ Day Fun

Yes! My students had a blast learning all about the history of our US Presidents this week.  It was so exciting to see them immersed in the research and sharing all of the information they were learning with their friends close by.  I literally had to do nothing to get my class started each day!  The bell would ring, and I would walk into my room from greeting students at the door to a class full of kids with their expository frameworks out and Chromebooks already loading up to begin their work for the day.

Are your students enjoying what they are writing about?  Are you pulling YOUR hair out to get them to want to write?  With the majority of students hating to write these days, our jobs get more and more difficult each year. Let me help you!  I can still teach all of my state standards AND make it fun for my kiddos.   There is no better feeling than seeing that boy who would rather be outside playing football say, “Mrs. Reed if I do the research at home, can I study about another president too?”  I am NOT making this up!  I’m changing kids lives, and I want you to join me!

Now, for this artsy connection, I went old school.  Remember those wire hangers that we all wish we could get rid of now that they have been replaced with plastic ones?  We used a wire hanger to create the president to display our essays from.  I love adding in an art connection at the end of the week to reward my students for the hard work that they put in on their piece.  Look for pics of the hallway at my school filled with these pieces on my FB page… as soon as I get all 125 of them hung up!


February 2019