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Grade 2 Student Writing Sample

Expository Research Essay Project – Let’s Get Started!

Expository Research Essay Project – Arctic Animal To kick off the expository research process piece, I am going to begin with Writing a Suspenseful Riddle –  Arctic Animal.  The riddle lessons are featured in Empowering Writers January Lessons of the Month for grades 2-4 and grades 5-8.  If you are a k-1 teacher, make sure to check […]

a new year

A New Year

A New Year… The days are shorter, and the weather is colder as we begin the New Year in our classrooms. Does anyone else struggle to get their students back into a routine and engaged in the lessons you are teaching? After coming back from a break,  I always like to begin with a research […]

About Me

Kylene Reed Welcome to my newly formed blog Love to Write and Read All-Day. I am so excited to begin this journey where I get to share my excitement for reading and writing with you. Currently, I teach 6th grade English at Bushland Middle School, but I have spent the last twelve years in the […]

Are You Teaching Genre Every Day??

Here is a great way this kindergarten teacher is having book discussions with her students and teaching genre EVERY DAY! Make a copy of the book cover, laminate, and paper clip it to the outside of your read aloud. Then after reading and discussing the salient skills of the genre, students sort it into an […]

December Writing Lesson K1

December in the K-1 classrooms

Have Yourself A Hairy Little Christmas K-1 Writing Lesson This month our K-1 students practiced using descriptive adjectives in their writing using this fun book. I had a great time working with  Mrs. Gross in her kindergarten class this month!  Look at the cute student samples that we made!  It’s not too late for you […]

December in Grades 2-4

Reindeer of the Year 2018! Writing Lesson Do you have a favorite reindeer??  Students in Mrs. Dixon’s 4th-grade class got to choose their favorite reindeer and tell what talents made their reindeer the 2018 Reindeer of the Year! Download Lesson Plan >

December Editing and Revising Lesson Image

December in Grades 5-8

December Lesson of the Month for Middle School Grade 5-8 This month students worked on the usage of pronouns and their antecedents using holiday songs!  FWI… This editing and revising lesson can be reused throughout the year with any song lyric or book excerpt! Download the lesson plan now! Download Lesson Plan >