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Expository Research Essay Project – Day FOUR- Introductions

Oh my gosh! I had a blast today, working in Mrs. Dixon’s and Mrs. Reynolds’s classrooms. As we began writing our introductions, the students’ writing came to life! They are writing an expository essay about the Texas animal (a spin-off of the January lesson of the month, Arctic animal riddle, allowing a connection to their […]

Martin Luther King/Black History Month- Vocabulary Lesson

Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Vocabulary… As I look through scored state writing tests, students who had a variety of vocabulary and word choice scored at a much higher level than those students who were using more mundane and repeated language.  Here is a great tool for your students to use in their writing pieces.  It is quick and easy […]

Expository Research Essay Project – Day THREE- The Expository Pillar

Expository Research Essay Project – Day Three As we begin writing the expository essay using the students’ research on an Arctic animal, we will be following the process piece timeline. These process pieces are at the back of all of the Expository/Opinion EW books and in section 6 on the HUB. Download the process piece […]

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Expository Research Essay Project – Day TWO- Writing the Riddle

Now your students should be finished with their research and have an abundance of information gathered about their animal.  Not all of this information will be showcased in the riddle activity but used later in the expository essay that we write. Something I have noticed over the years in teaching writing is that many students […]

Surviving the first week back!

What a wonderful week it has been! Our first day back to school this January was met with smiling faces and excited kids, ready to see the friends they missed over the winter break!  It was a wonderful blessing to be part of such a special day.  The week has continued to be just as […]

Expository Research Essay Project – Day ONE- Researching

A great way to start back from a long break is by letting your students engage in a fun piece with research!  Students will choose an Arctic animal to research and then write a suspenseful riddle using the facts and information from their research.  (For those of you just joining us, we are using Empowering […]