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Grade 4 samples

Research Paper Results

WOW!  I cannot say enough about how proud I am of all of the writing samples I got to read today!  Here are some of the lessons that my teacher friends built after following along with my 7-Day Process Piece.  Each one is a little different so that the teachers could connect the research to a topic they were learning about in class.

4th Grade Writing Samples

4th-grade teachers had their students research an animal from Texas to go with their Texas History in social studies.  Click on image to enlarge.




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Grade 6 Samples from Social Studies

These sixth grade students subjects came from studying Australia in social studies.  Click on image to enlarge.

Grade 7 sample 6

Grade 7 sample 2 Grade 7 sample 1

Grade 7 sample 4   Grade 7 sample 3

7th Grade Writing Samples

7th Grade teachers had their students writing about an arctic animal.  Click on image to enlarge.

Grade 6 student sample 2 Grade 6 student sample 1

Grade 6 student sample 4 Grade 6 student sample 3 .