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Test Prep- Word Choice

We have taught word referents and using powerful vocabulary in our pieces, but as we started looking at some of our 7th-grade benchmark essays we noticed that not always did the vocabulary or word-referent fit with the idea. Sometimes, students were just sticking in words to make it look good but not listening if it […]

How to Catch a Leprechaun-

Day One: After reading aloud How To Catch a Leprechaun, the class brainstormed types of traps that they could set to hopefully catch a leprechaun. Next, students wrote a beginning for their story. Beginnings put the main character into the setting and give a hint about what the story will be about. Notice, in my […]

Word Referent Chart: Leprechaun

I’m sure most of you will be doing some type of writing this month using a similar topic or theme!  Be sure to stretch your students’ vocabulary by creating a word-referent chart.  This can be done as a whole group, in small groups, pairs, or even on their own!  Here are my samples that were […]

March Lessons of the Month

The March lessons are here! Are you wanting to teach EW skills with your favorite read-aloud books? Be sure to download the lesson of the month to use with your students! PS- Adapt them all to use in your class! This week,  I will be modeling the grade 2-4 lesson.  Be sure to check back […]

Test Prep- Finding the Topic

Last week, our 4th-grade students took their first writing benchmark for the STAAR test. After going through their pieces we decided that we needed to do a quick mini-lesson on prompts! We’ve taught the skills on how to write an expository essay, and our students used their best tools to write their piece on Hard […]


Our 5th Grade social studies class has been studying the Civil War, and will soon be writing an essay from the perspective of one side, either North or South.  As a precursor to the whole essay being written, I went in to teach them a single skill about connotations and how powerful your word choice […]

Spread the Love – Detail Generating Questions

Detail Generating Questions I’m always looking for ways to teach my students to give. To be selfless and put others first.  To always look for the positive in someone.  Well, this book has touched my heart for years.  Now that I have been using Empowering Writers in my classroom, I am able to teach the […]

Student Samples – The Love Monster

Second Grade Writing Samples I never knew how cute this lesson was going to be when I wrote it!  Classes all over my school have taught it this month and the student samples are SO cute!  Not to mention, students are attending to detail and sequence in their writing!  Here is a look inside one […]