Empowering Writers

A Proven Solution

Empowering Writers' approach to writing instruction is the most effective way to improve student writing.

Better reading through better writing.

There is a growing awareness of the link between good writing skills and higher levels of reading comprehension and literacy as a whole.  For the past 20 years, Empowering Writers has provided instructional tools to teachers, schools and districts to help develop and refine writing proficiency in students of all ages, the key to improved reading and comprehension.  After implementing Empowering Writers methodology, some schools have improved writing and reading assessment as much as 25% in a single academic year.  

Many classroom teachers understand the need to teach writing to their students, yet most have received little or no formalized training in instructional methods, vocabulary or genres – and they may wonder how to properly measure and evaluate their students’ progress.  In fact, even the most accomplished teachers find themselves unable to:

  • Clearly define narrative, expository, opinion and apply the salient skills of each genre
  • Apply a consistent teaching approach and vocabulary set that builds writing skills
  • Provide productive feedback to student writing that encourages development and progress
  • Make the connection between writing and reading and apply it to every reading experience

Improving teacher practice to raise student performance.

The first step in achieving student writing proficiency begins with the teachers themselves.  Only by acquiring the foundational principles and practices of good writing can teachers leverage those skills to improve the writing and reading of their students.

Empowering Writers provides teachers with instructional methods proven to develop sustained writing proficiency, support higher levels of reading comprehension and increase student literacy as a whole.


The Application

Teachers, like any other skilled professional, need training and resources.  Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive writing program or a supplemental resource, Empowering Writers offers customizable options for your professional development needs.

For the past 20 years, Empowering Writers has provided award winning professional development and comprehensive teacher resources.